“…but I’ve gotten back on my feet now and that’s why I’m sharing with you all. There is a life coexisting with the pixies. I promise.”

The strange, dark-haired woman running the session smiles and looks around at the chairs gathered in a circle around her, mostly empty. This is an unusual support group, secret, and is run by a local underground group of Naturalborns. This group is for those who have been victim to some of the most harshest of pixie pranks – a phenomenon often mistaken for just really bad luck or ‘Murphy’s Law’ to those who don’t believe. The strange woman’s gaze falls on me and I feel my cheeks flush as she stares.

“You are new to our group, will you share with us? Please, start at the beginning – the very beginning of your story – it is in that way that we will come to understand what the pixies want with you, why they have chosen you.”

I shift uncomfortably in my chair. I’m not sure what I was expecting, exactly, but I wasn’t exactly prepared to give a dissertation about my life.

“Okay.” I agree tentatively.

“Great!” The strange woman says, “Firstly, please share with us your name,”

I start out by speaking quickly with almost no pause between my words and sentences. “Okay, well, my name is Evie Cliona O’Sullivan and most actually refer to me as Evie-C. Weird, right? And then there are my few close friends who like to call me ‘Easy’, you know a play on E.C.? Not very flattering, I know, but it’s okay because, well, because that’s just they way it’s always been with them, I guess.” I pause awkwardly as I realize that I’ve started to ramble and start to twist one of my long, red tendrils around my index finger nervously.

Sensing my uneasiness, the dark-haired woman cuts in, “It’s really a pleasure to have you join with us, Evie-C, my name is Raven and I started these meetings about two years ago after suffering a personal tragedy of my own, but that story is for another time. Right now is for you. For you to share your story with us. For you to share what has led you here tonight. Be at peace knowing that you are among friends and like-minded folk. Be at peace sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings. Be at peace knowing you will not be judged.”

Her words flowed over me like liquid Valium and I was instantly at ease. A Magicks thing, I suspect, but nonetheless I was ready now. Ready to reveal all of the weirdness that has been my life to a group, albeit a small group, of strangers.


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