Misty Morning

The buzzing gets louder and louder as the fly moves swiftly around me, invisible, taunting. I flail my hands around my face as the buzzing grows louder still, and as the sound overwhelms me, I realize it’s not a fly at all but a pixie! pixies_are_dicks_by_garthft Oh, but not one pixie, no. I’m surrounded, completely, by a thick swarm of pixies – beautiful, ANGRY pixies. I cover my head quickly with my arms and start to run. The buzzing fades to a monotonous, annoying tone and with sleepy relief, I roll over and switch off my alarm clock.

I let myself fall back down and sigh deeply as my pillow swallows my head in warm comfort. As I lay there staring at the backs of my eye lids, I think of the day I have ahead of me and the ‘master’ presentation that I need to deliver during the quarterly board meeting next week. I groan at the challenge of selling the idea of new tech to dusty, old relics who prefer ink and parchment to internet and email. I think I prefer the pixies, actually.

The gentle pattering of rain on my window almost lulls me back to sleep but as much as I’d love to surrender to the peace, I peel back my blankets and reluctantly slide my legs over the edge of the bed. My toes touch the cool floor boards as I stretch and head toward the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later I’m out of the shower feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. I slip into my favorite pair of jeans and pull a fitted tee over my head before combing through my long, red locks. Dressing comfortably – one of the benefits of working from home. I can wear what I like, or nothing at all if it so suits me. But today I plan on getting out of the house and working somewhere a little more interesting, and less cluttered, I think as I gaze around at my small one-room apartment that is filled with enough stuff and things for a full-on house.

I pull my hair up in a sloppy sort of half bun – defeating the purpose of fixing it in the first place – and grab my sweatshirt from the back of my chair before grabbing my laptop bag and heading for the door. As I turn to lock the door, I realize I’ve forgotten my keys, again, and I think to myself that I really need to start keeping them in my bag. I peer back into my space and see the purple tail from my dragon key chain dangling from the edge of my makeshift desk. I grab them up and looking above me as I lock the door, I’m grateful that the rain has stopped for now.

The sky is overcast still and some of the clouds are forming a shelf like shape above me. I hurry to my car and unlock it before the shelf melts into drops. I settle in and start her up. I love this car. I smile and turn to my newest playlist, crank the volume and turn the wheel. I’m headed across 3rd to Main and am looking forward to my usual. Onward – to my favorite little coffee shop, with free WiFi and to-die-for caramel lattes.


**Published on wattpad**

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