I’ve tried this thing… blogging. I get on streaks where I blog consistently every day and then, without warning, life gets in the way and the time to write eludes me. And then the laziness sweeps in and before I realize it, my good intentions to write consistently, have been placed neatly back in the box titled, ‘needs inspiration’.

I am a mom, first. And then a career woman, painter and wannabe writer. The challenge to feeding all of these inspirations – time. I am looking forward to the day when I become some kind of supernatural being who does not require sleep. fangasm-jared-jensen-_mg_1078_schmelke_wm1 Even Sam and Dean realize that this is never going to happen. This leaves me with a conundrum, with a split of my ‘self’ in which some part of me is always lacking. I can not be really good at all of these things if I can only truly focus on any one priority at any given time. This, my friends, is how I have become 4everInconsistent… Inconsistently Inconsistent. If there is one thing you can rely on me for it is that I will never be consistent. Yes, I may blog daily for a time and then fall out of the blog sphere as if I never existed here – but know this, I’ll be back again. Possibly re-worked, possibly talking about different things, but back and writing nonetheless.

You can be sure that during my absence from this dimension, I’m turning my focus to my other passions. One day maybe I’ll be blogging about how my paintings have made representation in a gallery other than my office at work – and won’t that be a glorious post?! Perhaps, even, I’ll develop an idea for a novel beyond a short story and share my development here. For now, for this time that I am so inspired to be writing in the blog sphere, expect excerpts of stories mixed with my personal musings about my creative side and the challenges that the ‘real world’ poses for growing that part of me.

Thank you for joining me, in this moment of my journey, as I endeavor to express my ideas in written word.


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